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The Top 5 Small Businesses Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Start in the Current Climate


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Discover the small businesses ideas that offer the best potential for growth, essential skills required, and their potential costs.

The landscape of entrepreneurship is always evolving, with new opportunities emerging as markets change and grow. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to make your mark, it’s crucial to choose a business model that suits the current climate. In this blog post, we will delve into the top five businesses for entrepreneurs to start right now, the skills needed to truly excel in each venture, and potential costs associated with them.

  1. E-commerce Business

E-commerce has been booming for years, and the current climate only amplifies its potential. Starting an online store allows you to take advantage of the ever-growing digital marketplace catering to customers’ penchant for convenience.

Skills needed: product sourcing/creation, website design, digital marketing, customer service, and inventory management.

Potential costs: An e-commerce platform subscription, website hosting and design, inventory, payment processing fees, and marketing budget.

  1. Virtual Assistant Services

As more businesses move operations online, the demand for virtual assistants is skyrocketing. Offering services in areas like admin support, basic bookkeeping, social media management, and more provide the flexibility to work from anywhere with a solid internet connection.

Skills needed: strong communication, time management, organization, customer service, knowledge of project management tools, and potentially some technical expertise.

Potential costs: A computer, a high-quality headset, productivity apps or software subscriptions, and marketing budget to promote services.

  1. Online Course Creation

With the rise of remote work and a growing hunger for self-improvement, there’s never been a better time to start creating and selling online courses. Put your expertise to use by creating courses in areas like technology, self-development, fitness, or even cooking.

Skills needed: content creation, video production, curriculum design, teaching or coaching, and digital marketing.

Potential costs: high-quality recording equipment, video editing software, course hosting platform subscription, and a marketing budget.

  1. Content Creation & Copywriting Services

Every online business needs content to engage and convert customers, making content creation and copywriting services more in demand than ever. Leverage this opportunity by offering blog post writing, product descriptions, email marketing, or even social media content creation.

Skills needed: exceptional writing and editing, keyword research, SEO knowledge, storytelling, and creativity.

Potential costs: A website/portfolio, content creation tools, potential for graphic design software, and a marketing budget.

  1. Local Delivery Services

With lockdowns and concerns around in-store shopping, the demand for local delivery services for groceries, food, and other essential items has skyrocketed. Start a localized delivery service that caters to the specific needs of your community.

Skills needed: local know-how, driving ability, route-planning and optimization, problem-solving, and customer service.

Potential costs: A reliable vehicle, fuel expenses, liability insurance, a website or app for managing orders, and a marketing budget to target your local community.

As an entrepreneur, finding the right opportunity that suits your skillset, interests, and the current market climate is essential for success. These five business ideas offer strong potential for growth in today’s world. Consider the skills and resources required for each, and tap into the opportunities that excite you the most. So gear up, plan carefully, and take your first steps towards building your

Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico is a digital marketing pioneer who has helped businesses of all sizes achieve success.


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