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5 Business Myths That Are Holding You Back from Launching Your Dream


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There are a lot of myths out there about starting a business. And if you believe them, they could be holding you back from achieving the success you want.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five of the most common myths – and show you how to debunk them once and for all so you can move forward and start living the life you have been dreaming about.

1. The Myth of the Overnight Success

You’ve probably heard stories about people who have achieved massive success in a short period of time.

While it’s true that some businesses do achieve great things quickly, it’s important to remember that this is not the norm. In most cases, businesses take time to grow and develop. So if you’re just starting out, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Just keep working hard and eventually, you’ll get there. And, in the long run, you’ll be much more fulfilled and have a solid business that can sustain long-term success.

2. The Myth of the Perfect Business Plan

When starting a business, it’s natural to want everything to be perfect. But in reality, there is no such thing as a perfect business plan.

The important thing is to just get started. Don’t spend months (or even years) developing a business plan that’s never going to see the light of day. Just start working on your business, and the details will fall into place over time. Our free business plan template helps you get organized so you can actually start building your business instead of just dreaming about it!

3. The Myth of Being an Expert

You don’t need to be an expert in your field to succeed in business. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs are complete novices when they start out.

What’s more important than being an expert is having a willingness to learn and grow. As long as you’re open to new ideas and willing to work hard, you’ll eventually become an expert in your field. Start by reading blogs and articles about your industry, connect with similar businesses and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and through social media. Dive headfirst into learning and the expertise will follow.

4. The Myth of Needing a Lot of Money

Starting a business can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of businesses that have been started on a shoestring budget. I personally have started two successful ventures — which I ended up selling for well over 7-figures, without any external investment and just a lot of heart and determination.

So if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your business, don’t worry. You can still make it happen. Just be creative and resourceful, and you’ll find ways to get what you need without breaking the bank.

5. The Myth of Being Alone

Many people believe that they need to go it alone when starting a business. But the truth is, it’s often helpful (and even necessary) to seek out help from others.

If you’re feeling lost or uncertain about your business, reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to offer their advice and support. Again, look to connect with others in your industry through social media, join networking groups and forums where you can share ideas, get support and find colleagues you might be able to work with to help you grow.

It’s common to be fearful about launching a business–it is a big step. While there are many reasons that might be holding you back, there are FAR MANY MORE reasons to go for it! Just move forward with confidence and start achieving the success you deserve. If you need help, check out our free downloads and courses which have helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch successfully.

Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico is a digital marketing pioneer who has helped businesses of all sizes achieve success.


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