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Women are starting new businesses at record levels. Ready for Launch is a resource where women can learn how to create a passion-based venture that delivers long-term success and joy. Explore our content and sign up for your free 14-day plan to get Ready for Launch.


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Ready for Launch offers resources to get your business off the ground and then to continue growing through every stage.




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Ready for Launch: The Program

Ready for Launch is a comprehensive online program designed to take your passion and build a successful & meaningful business.

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Success Stories

“I’m thrilled that I made the decision to use the Ready for Launch package tailored to new start-ups particularly women when launching my event planning business. Since I am no marketing expert, it was very important that the launch of my business was successful.

The world of a solo entrepreneur is lonely, Lolita made me feel like I was not alone, with her it felt like I had a team of dedicated exceptional executives ensuring the launch of my business went smoothly every step of the way.
Working with Lolita is inspiring and motivating, her coaching style brought out a creativity in me that I didn?t think I had, making me feel confident and focused about taking my business to the next level.”

Omoniyi Giwa
Dara & Joy
“As a business growth coach, Lolita is incredible! Not just in her professionalism and demeanor, but in her clear understanding of business processing and passion to help. The format and detailed steps in the Ready for Launch program makes it simple to follow while making sure all aspects of a new launch is considered for success.

Beyond the business knowledge, the motivation and help with solving challenges in such a positive and supportive way is what makes this business program so much more valuable.

The program provides confidence and inspiration that allows female entrepreneurs to grow businesses as stress-free as possible.”

Leah Pachard
Digital Entrepreneur
“I am so glad I found the Ready for Launch program. I had been sitting on my passion of running my luxury vacation business for nearly a decade but was terrified to leave my comfortable and stable job.

I started by taking the founder Lolita’s webinar and was immediately motivated to start building – no matter what was holding me back. What became game-changing for me was going through the steps and classes, realizing I was more than qualified to start my business and eventually started it as a side hustle. One year later, I was able to leave my job and now run my business full-time and have a team. We will reach 7-figures in sales in 2021 and I still message Lolita with questions to this day and she’s always so genuine and helpful.”

Shira Blackwood
Signature Homes & Retreats