Converting Web Visitors into Customers: Part Two

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Lolita Carrico
Lolita Carrico is a digital marketing pioneer who has helped businesses of all sizes achieve success.

In this second part of tools I love to convert visitors to your website into leads or customers, I?m quickly demonstrating a live chat for conversion tool that allows you to initiate conversations and answer questions from site visitors. In addition to chat functions, this tool also shows you if a customer is new or returning, what pages they navigate through, when they add products to their shopping cart, and a whole lot more to help you best engage. As with many of the tools I share, this chat add-on has a free plan that is super robust!

Olark is a chat tool that allows you to initiate conversations and answer questions from visitors in real time. Olark’s web-based dashboard alerts you whenever a user is on your site and initiates a chat. You’ll be able to quickly get information as far as if they’re a new or repeat visitor, where they’re from, what page they’re on, and other useful data. If you have multiple users in conversations with you, you can manage them from different tabs and you can either select from quick shortcuts that you’ve pre-populated with standard responses or type directly into the chatbox to engage with your user.

Whether you’re in a conversation with a user or not, you can follow their path on your site and see what page they’re on, and even when they put items in their shopping cart, which is a great opportunity to offer a coupon code or upsell.

If you are away from your desk or no one is available to accept incoming chats, they system will prompt the visitor to leave a message that you will receive in email and can respond from there.

Like many of the tools I share Olark offers a free plan that’s very robust and their paid versions offer additional tools to engage and convert web visitors into paying customers.?


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