Monday, June 21, 2021

Small Business Telephone Systems: How to Choose A Cloud-Based Phone System

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Virtual phone systems or cloud-based small business telephone systems offer solopreneurs or even small to medium businesses with a communication platform and business phone system that is affordable yet robust.

Small business telephone systems have evolved by leaps and bounds since

twenty years ago when I launched my first company. Back then, installing and maintaining a phone system was costly — to the tune of thousands of dollars — and time consuming to maintain. Now, thanks to technology and cloud-based platforms, it’s simple to have a robust phone presence whether you’re a solopreneur or managing teams. I have been using Dialpad for my own businesses and many of clients – many with hundreds of employees, use the service for it’s reliability, scalability and AI-powered tools that take phone calls to a whole new level.

Dialpad offers a web-based, mobile and desktop app to manage all your phone needs, whether it’s one line or multiple lines through one interface. From any device, you can use the DialPad platform to make calls, send text messages, scheduled video conferences and more. From the web and desktop apps, you can use the built in audio on your computer to make calls. The system automatically records and transcribes calls in realtime, so you can review them at a later time or share with others.

You can set up as many users as you’d like with multiple extensions and unique phone numbers and their own voicemail and other controls like call routing, phone trees, call forwarding and much more.

Starting at $20 a month, beyond a unique line for your small business, Dialpad offers lots of features for professional presence.


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