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Lolita Carrico
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Whether you’ve got folks that are working together in an office or – now more than ever – working remotely across the country or the world, it’s important to keep everyone in sync and on task. Team management tools – technology to help you foster collaboration and communication among teams – is essential for most businesses these days. So I’m going to share two of my favorite tools to manage your teams.

First up is Slack, which is a popular management system for teams. You can create multiple workspaces and channels, invite various members to specific channels, set privacy, track tasks, integrate with a variety of third party applications, and manage your teams seamlessly. Communication is simple through shortcuts and and you can also receive push notifications on any device. Slack is a very popular tool because of it’s user-friendly interface, mobile app and as I mentioned above, it’s integrations are superior to most other team management tools or platforms. Slack also uses hashtags (hence their logo) to organize conversations and has a robust search function. While Slack’s free version is quite robust, the paid version offers better search and storage functions.?

Next up is Glip, which is a product of RingCentral. Similar to Slack, Glip offers multiple integrations and the ability to create various workspaces and teams. I like the task tracking functions of Glip better because you can easily assign and track tasks however their interface both on the web-based platform and their mobile app isn’t as slick and user-friendly as Slack’s. However, if you use RingCentral for your team’s VOIP phone service, Glip is a great choice for efficiency.?

There are many other team collaboration and management tools available and they are constantly evolving. To find out the best option for your business, take advantage of free trials offered by most and test drive it before committing to a platform. Other good options include Asana and

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